Property Managers


In response to a major earthquake the ability to provide certainty will allow businesses and families to resume their lives as quickly as possible. Having vital data at hand will provide preparedness, and allow unnecessary downtime that can result in financial loss and disruption.

Response: During an earthquake

Our easy to use Structural Health Monitoring System provides rapid response with immediate alerts to ensure safe decisions are made. If buildings are safe business can resume, people can remain in their homes.

Green—Client and engineers are notified and building retains normal occupancy – thresholds not met.

Green – Normal occupancy

Orange—Inspection recommended, thresholds met. Engineers do desktop or onsite assessment, either change status to green or other restricted access.

Orange – Inspection recommended

Red—Engineers assess data and building and can change status lower if cleared; or restrict – allowing action of business continuity plans.

Red – Entry prohibited


Our trademarked sensors provide an affordable layer of resilience and safety for the people living and working within your managed buildings.

An example:

Building: Commercial shopping complex with 100 shops

Estimated Cost: $9 per month per business within the complex, included as part of monthly lease

The benefits:

  1. The complexes structural health is monitored 24/7.

  2. When a large seismic event occurs, engineers will determine the status of the complex and each business within can be rapidly assessed within one hour of the event.

  3. If the building is safe, shops can resume business within a short period minimising financial losses.

  4. No unnecessary downtime and financial loss waiting days or weeks for a physical assessment by engineers who will be under huge pressure assessing thousands of businesses within the region.

  5. Security, safety, certainty and fast recovery where no structural damage has occurred.

  6. Day-to-day monitoring may highlight any potential structural weakness that can be proactively remedied prior to a seismic event.

Providing certainty during an earthquake

If your buildings’ are empty for several days the costs to you and your tenants will include:

  • Loss of business
  • Staffing costs
  • Future uncertainty.

With our system rapid alerts are sent to your mobile device and email to indicate if your buildings’ are able to remain open.

Data is instantly received and reviewed by an engineer. A status is then sent using alerts and graphic reporting.

Tenants can also be alerted of the event and building status, quickly and efficiently – allowing them to in turn provide certainty to their own staff. 

Body Corporates

After a major earthquake having immediate understanding of the status of your complex and the homes of other occupants will provide clear direction on whether people can remain or need to evacuate.

Our Structural Health Monitoring System allows quick assessment, within hours, or 1-2 days if the status indicates an engineer is required to do a physical assessment. If your complex is structurally sound people can remain in their homes knowing they are safe, rather than evacuating and waiting long periods for engineers to reach and assess each complex in the region.

What we can do to help

We help property managers and body corporates to encourage building owners and landlords to be prepared and protect occupants from loss of income or displacement from unnecessary closure after a seismic event. We will provide you with information to begin this process and are happy to provide a presentation if this will assist.

Insurance savings

After a large earthquake, knowing buildings are safe and allowing people to return to their homes or work and get paid is key to quick recovery.

Where a business has to wait for the owner to have the building assessed, financial shortfalls make it harder to pay the lease, pay their staff and retain insurance cover. If a building can be quickly deemed safe the community can confidently resume their usual activities.