Health & Safety


To stay or go?

Earthquakes are considered a workplace hazard

Earthquakes are now well recognised as a workplace hazard. Accessing rapid accurate information on your building status will improve decision making that affects life safety outcomes. In the event of an earthquake you will know if your building is safe for staff to go back to and work in.

Preparedness: Before an earthquake

GSD provides building information and management advice, in relation to Health & Safety.

Our world leading Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) allows business owners and their staff certainty on the structural status of their building. Buildings can be evaluated prior to a large event using historical data to highlight any vulnerabilities.

A note on legal responsibilities

New Zealand is prone to seismic activity everywhere, without warning. In the event of an earthquake, building owners and property managers are responsible for the safety of their building(s). They are responsible by law for any structural and non-structural elements that pose risks to:

  • The building, its tenants, and other occupants
  • Surrounding buildings and their occupants
  • Person(s) passing by.

Failure to appropriately manage or monitor a building’s structural condition risks prosecution, with significant financial and other penalties.

Communication to tenants

As a property manager or building owner, it is your responsibility to communicate to the tenant the structural liabilities of your building. This will help your tenant to plan the right health and safety procedures needed in the event of an earthquake.